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Official Battle Clauses and Rules

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1 Official Battle Clauses and Rules on Thu Mar 24, 2011 3:49 pm


For battles involving official gym battles and/or Elite 4 battles as well as a battle for the championship. The following rules are applied:

1. No using Pokesav or AR to modify your pokemon.

2. Sleep Clause (may not put more than one opposing pokemon to sleep at a time)

3. Species Clause (may not use 2 pokemon with the same national dex number)

4. Customized Item Clause (see our custom item clause below for details)

5. Evasion Clause (moves like double team are banned, for this evasion clause moves like flash/sand-attack are banned as well. Mainly because it's easy enough to shadow tag or mean-look trap a foe and throw 6 rounds of sand in their eyes and proceed to set up an easy sweep. Preventable? yes, but so is every other clause or rule applied.)

6. No 1HKO moves

7. Uber Clause (No pokemon from the uber tier are allowed, though legendaries which ARE NOT in the uber tier are allowed. Salamence is an exception, to my knowledge he's removed from 5th gen uber tier so he is allowed)

8. No purposeful Disconnecting. (this is rather frowned upon in any battle)

Below is the custom item clause which is slightly modified from the VGC item clause. I'm going to keep this fair in my personal opinion, I want to know what everyone else thinks. Without further a due here's my idea:

Items Banned from play:
Soul Dew
Quick Claw
King's Rock
Razor Fang
Lax Incense

Items Restricted to "2" per team:
All plates (fire plate, sky plate, draco plate etc)
All other element attack boost items (charcoal, nevermeltice etc)
Heat Rock
Damp Rock
Icy Rock
Smooth Rock
Life Orb

All items not listed (and there are a lot) are all restricted to one per team by default.

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