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Gym Leader and E4 Rules

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1 Gym Leader and E4 Rules on Fri Mar 04, 2011 4:41 pm


Gym Leader and E4 rules & regulations:
• Any official gym or E4 team must be a monotype team, which means a team composed of at least 5 pokemon that are part of a single type. For example; Weavile would be good for either a dark OR ice team
• Any gym or E4 team may have two “Wild Card” pokemon, meaning that the chosen pokemon does not need to be part of the chosen type.
• You may choose not to include a wild card, although that course of action is not recommended as it can be exploited
• Any official gym or E4 match(whether it be a battle for position or a battle against a challenger) must be approved of by a Site Admin, and may be viewed through GTS to prevent any mishaps
Any official challenge of a Gym Leader or E4 member must be posted in there corresponding forum. Also, anyone who's earns that leaders badge, their name will be posted in the Badge Recipients section.
• To become a gym leader, you may notify a Site Admin, and must prepare a monotype team. You will be tested, and may or may not become a gym leader based on your performance
• To become an E4 member, you must notify a Site Admin, and we will schedule an official Position Battle, which will follow all site and battle rules and regulations.
• Gym and E4 leaders cannot simply give away their badges; they must be earned.

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